During The Ongoing Trade War Issue Emerson Electric Co. Is Expanding Its Operations

When it comes to business, intelligent people who are running big companies will take a bold yet effective decision for future growth. It seems like something like that is happening with Emerson electric company since it’s trying to expand its operations in USA amid of trade war dispute. Emerson is a fortune 500 company which produces various types of products and has multi-billion dollars empire. But everyone on the wall street got shocked when this company said that they’re going to build three more factories in United States. If we look back then a decade ago when economic conditions were not good top executives of Emerson at that time decided to shift their manufacturing plants into China and India.

However, after president Trump started this ongoing controversial trade war, it seems like Emerson has finally got an opportunity which it was seeking from a long time. David Farr who is the CEO of Emerson said that this is the first time when he is trying to consider Unite States for building a manufacturing plant. Due to the trade war issue, many companies got in trouble, but Emerson is that manufacturing company which seems to have found right type of opportunity. Accordingly, more than $221 million of investment will be done in following manufacturing plants and officials have agreed to build their factory in Wisconsin.

If we look at Emerson’s financial statement, then it spent more than 407 million dollars on developing new projects. There are some large companies like General Motors which have abandoned its plants in various parts across the USA due to which some people are facing problem of unemployment. Even though Emerson has declined to say how many jobs this new factory will add, still some experts are applauding this new move of the company.

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