Huawei CEO Said Not All Countries Are Going To Follow The Path Of US Banning The Company

In geopolitical situation, there are always businesses which get most suffered because they go through the solid phase because of such condition. As of now, Chinese Tech company Huawei is going through the same period because the US has made some hard impositions on it, which is disrupting company’s business in the US market. While giving a press conference, Huawei’s CEO Ren Zhengfei said this sanctions of US is not going to affect that much on the company.

Trump administration decided to put a strict ban Huawei, which has recently developed 5g technology equipment way earlier than Apple. It’s been estimated that this new 5g new technology is going to be the market of more than $22 billion in next few years. However, to beat the Huawei US has decided to ban the 5g technological equipment of company. While having a long discussion with media houses, Zhengfei said that he used to have an afternoon tea at the downtown street and when people ask him how did he succeed he used to say because of afternoon tea.

He thinks that every country has its interests, and if the US has decided to ban Huawei, it doesn’t mean other countries are also going to do that. European countries are getting convinced by Trump administration to.put the same restrictions on Huawei. However, Germany and France have not accepted their proposal. Now Zhengfei thinks there are so many countries in the world who need a fast internet connection and with the help of company’s 5g technology they provide it without any problem. China-US are going through a trade war and Huawei getting banned is part of it. However, Trump administration is forgetting that China could also do the same to Apple, which is not performing well in there. Now it will be interesting to see whether China is going to take some actions or not.

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