British Decided To Dump Huawei Phones Because Of US-China Trade War

The effect of trade war one can now see on Chinese tech giant company Huawei. Since last few days, the company has not been able to perform better because of US banning, and now other countries are also trying to follow that path of US. Great Britain, which is an alliance of united states of America, has reportedly dumped Huawei phones after trump administration has restricted its sale in domestic market. Huawei, which has a significant amount of customer base in the UK is facing some problems because the company’s smartphones sales have started to diminish. Many big corporations which are tied up with Huawei are now skeptical about company’s newly developed 5g smartphones, and they have stopped accepting their products.

Accordingly, Vodafone and BT group have decided to prevent launch of company’s new smartphone with their network carrier. These companies think since the US has banned Huawei because of security concerns, they won’t collaborate with it unless the matters resolved. Earlier Google has also decided to withdraw the permission of giving license to use Android for Huawei smartphones. Now since company’s new devices won’t have Android OS, many companies are not having any trade deals with it.

The Chinese tech company is trying to enter into European market, but it’s failing miserably. Canada and Australia are both the alliance of the USA, which is most likely going to restrict Huawei’s products. The current situation is not suitable for Huawei because company is running out of operating system plus a considerable amount of trade deal problems. The sale of Huawei phones has been declined in the UK, but on the other hand, its rival xiaomi and Samsung was able to generate a significant amount of revenue. It’s clear that Huawei is getting most affected because of this trade war. However, now what the Chinese government is going to do about it.

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