Details About The Fiat Chrysler And Renault’s New Partnership Might Come On Monday

The automobile industry might be getting the most important news on upcoming Monday because it’s been predicted that Fiat Chrysler and Renault are in talks to enter into a joint venture. Now recent reports about this show that we might be able to get a clear statement from both of these companies officially on Monday. The last few days have been much of rumors because reports were stating that FC might be joining the grand alliance of Nissan-Mitsubishi-Renault.

Many media houses are covering this news, but none of them have revealed a definite source on this news. The car industry is going through a rapid change because large companies like Ford, GM are trying to enter into EV market. Now to survive in the sector, Fiat Chrysler is trying to merge with Renault. Japanese car companies are still in a dominant position, which is the reason why Fiat Chrysler is trying to get into the partnership with Renault.

According to reports, this new trade deal might not have any negative impact on FCA’s plan to create a manufacturing plant in the USA. FCA has its main headquarters situated in Auburn Hills plus it’s planning to develop another plant in Detroit. The Trump administration has always been a high critic of those companies which prefer to go outside to build the plants. General Motors faced the same type of criticism when it declared they are shutting down their primary plants in Ohio. Fiat Chrysler might be getting a good deal in this new venture with Renault since they will be able to use each other’s technology to build electric vehicles. Ford and GM have already started to develop their electric cars because of the high market potential. Now FC, on the other hand, is also trying to do the same by collaborating with Renault.

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