According To World Health Organization, Video Game Addiction Is A Mental Health Disorder

We all like to play video games, but there’s one thing which we all agree is that such type of items is extremely addictive. According to recent reports published by the World Health Organization addiction towards gaming has been declared as a form of mental disorder. WHO has considered the addiction towards video gaming as a disease, and they described it as a pattern of persistent gaming behavior. Now such type of behavior is harming other interest in lives of people. Sometimes people don’t realize this, but small things like this might be hurting their health more severely than any other items.

Researchers said they had seen extreme cases of gaming addiction in which people forget their sleep and even living pattern also. Even though percentage of people who develop such disorder is lower, it’s still in considerable amount. Scientists further mentioned the harmful effect of such addiction on mental health of a person. Gamers often lose contact with real world because of the excessive gaming, which results in isolation and often frustration.

Such type of behavior is occasional, but if things like this continue for a year, it might create a significant problem for them. Addiction has always been a substantial problem for teenagers living in America. Because there have been reports which stated children are using their parents’ credit card to purchase in-game currency. The gaming industry is growing at a faster because more than 2 billion plays a video game of different type. Games like Fortnight have made billions of dollars because of its vast amount of popularity. WHO also appreciate those games which are educational, therapeutic because they somehow help a person to increase their mental health. Many health surveys are going on by the researchers in which they are trying to learn the various behaviors of addiction, which is going to help to find the cure for such type of mental disorder.

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