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If you have read about us, you know that was not built with code. Of course, there is a code for maintaining the structure, but what really matters are something else — our contributors. As we have said a lot of times, our contributors come from different areas, with expertise spread over different sections. While we’d have specialists for every section, all of these contributors are passionate. They love finding, reporting and writing news reports, no matter the category is. You know, what matters at the end of the day is whether a news report can make a change — however small it is.

But, this doesn’t mean that we are a closed group. In fact, we are quite excited to invite others to become a contributor to While it does not involve many official processes, we would like to make sure that we get the best writing skills and reporting accuracy from our contributors. So, if you are interested in becoming a contributor to, there are a few guidelines you should pay attention to.

  • At, we believe that user readability is the most important factor. So, if you want to be a contributor, you should be able to write articles in a readable manner without compromising aspects of quality.
  • All the news articles are expected to have a minimum word count of 300 words. In some cases, you can go up to 400 or 450, provided that the topic requires an in-depth writing part.
  • We are not grammar Nazis, but you should proof-read the article before submitting. If the article has a huge number of grammatical/syntax errors, it won’t be published.
  • As we said earlier, the great news is built on great sources. Therefore, you should show the proper source of information and cite it while writing an article.
  • Be unique. We don’t publish articles that have been published previously on web or print.
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