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Amazon Rejects The Proposal Of Changing Facial Recognition Technology And Climate Change Policies

When it comes to businesses, people most likely favor those companies which are providing excellent services. Amazon is that giant company which ruling over e-commerce industry from a long time. However, the last few months haven’t been good for it because many people protested against the company’s new facial technology and climate change policies. Amazon has invested a considerable amount of money in developing facial recognition AI, which it’s planning to sell to the government. However, some socialist protestors think this technology might be used by the army to develop weapons and kill innocent people.

Now in a recent meeting of the company’s executives board of directors decided not to change any of its policies. Amazon is that tech company which has faced the problems of protests from socialist and worker unions earlier also. Amazon has defended its climate change proposal which has been questioned by more than 7600 employees. They think the company is not taking enough actions to curb the problems of environmental changes.

Shareholders of the company decided not to bring any changes to any of its policies regarding climate change because they think Amazon is implementing the right strategies. Workers protest has always been a severe issue for the company because many unions went on a strike for demanding a raise in wage payments. Jeff Bezos has been a target of those socialists politician who thinks he isn’t doing anything good for the company and they are trying to bring wealth tax on people like Jeff. Now this decision of not bringing any changes to company’s policies might not be accepted by socialists workers. However, protestors said they are going to continue this protest against the company until they agree to their terms and conditions, which is interesting to see because many of the company’s employees are supporting this move.

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