Treating Breast Cancer becomes Easier with One Tumor Test


Breast cancer, one of leading cancer in women creates a tough time for them during pregnancy. Doctors have worked hard for many years to detect the tumor as early as possible so that it could be treated sooner. But at the same time, there are certain tumors that do not develop high risk.

So, does removing these tumors makes sense? The study published in JAMA Oncology give readers the idea about which severity of tumor needs to be removed. Researchers from Sweden and the US say small tumors are not more dangerous hence they do not need any treatment. They performed a tumor test called as “MammaPrint” that could diagnose how long a patient can survive after the tumor is removed.

“The disease will not lead to death. And obviously, we won’t give you any harsh treatments for curing of the disease”, Dr. Laura Esserman surgery specialist of breast cancer. The study reveals that 46% of women can avoid taking treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, and tamoxifen. The test could identify the lower risk of tumors at the early stage of breast cancer and hence they don’t need any further treatment even if they are removed.

Researchers collected the breast sample tissues from 652 postmenopausal women who have already taken the treatment of mastectomy radiation therapy. 50 percent of the women continued with the tamoxifen therapy and rest 50 percent were quite healthy with no treatment required. Among all the tumors detected, no tumor was found malignant. The tumor did not spread to other body parts of the women.

Hence, the study concluded that women having low-risk tumors do not need any kind of therapies. These women can have a safe life ahead. Doctors say sometimes giving treatment at lower levels proves to be effective. MammaPrint could give us more surprising results and the ways to avoid surgeries if cancer tumors have a lower risk.