Android wins the race of becoming world’s most popular OS and beats Windows


For the first time ever, Android has won the race of becoming most popular OS among its users, leaving the Windows back. Apart from the OS, Android-based mobile devices have hit the market hard, leaving the Windows behind.

Android wins over Windows

StatCounter, the web traffic analyzer tool have revealed a report stating the global internet usage across different platforms like Windows, Android etc.

According to the report, Android has acquired 37.93 percent market share and Windows have acquired 37.91 percent market share. Although there is a slight difference between the two, we cannot deny the fact that Android have become most popular among its users regarding internet and apps usage.

The reports also highlight the leadership of Microsoft that began from the 1980s is under threat and soon coming to an end. Also, the reports reveal the grasp of Android on the overall market which shows 2.4 percent global internet usage within a span of five years,” said StatCounter CEO Aodhan Cullen.

Apart from Android and Microsoft, the Apple have acquired the third position in the race of world’s most popular OS. It was seen that Apple has captured a large number of iOS users but the number of OS X desktop users is still low.

It is interesting to note that, most of the Windows PC sales have reduced and people are turning more towards the use of smartphones. Android and iOS being most dominant players in terms of smartphones. As the smartphones perform all the tasks that were earlier done using PC, might be a major factor contributing to the victory of Android.

In terms of internet usage, Android have occupied the first position, Windows being second and Apple was third.

Internet usage in terms of mobile and desktop

It is seen that mobile internet usage has increased among the users as compared to desktop users. The scenario is seen in Asia, Middle East regions and Africa. In India, the mobile internet usage was 79 percent, in Indonesia it was 72 percent and in China, the usage was 57 percent.

On contrary, the desktop internet usage was high in countries like US, the UK, and Germany as compared to mobile internet usage.