Today Is International Safer Internet Day

Today Is International Safer Internet Day

The report did find that the internet is being used by young people for positive purposes - around two thirds (67 per cent) said that in the a year ago they have posted an image or video for a positive reason, such as to support friends, share something interesting or to encourage others. Whether you are a young person, parent, carer, school or organisation, we can all "be the change" and take positive actions to make the internet a better place.

"We need to be having regular conversations with young people about what is and is not okay to share online, and make sure we are modelling the same behaviours in our own social media use", the spokesperson said.

The New Zealand Government is urging Kiwis to focus on staying safe online, as International Safer Internet Day kicked off this week.

Its main aim is to raise awareness on emerging online issues and annually chooses a topic reflecting contemporary challenges of the net.

For example, Microsoft's Digital Civility Index (DCI), which measures consumers' lifetime exposure to online risks, serves to emphasise the dangers facing young people in today's ultra-connected world.

Police officers have visited schools across South Yorkshire to promote safer internet use as part of a national scheme.

The small-scale study involving 1,500 parents, showed there had been a 55% increase in the number of children browsing the internet since 2013.

You may also want to get these technologies in your home, and probably for your kids to aid their learning and get them up to date with the advancements. This requires a sensitive balance between the use of apps and trusting your child.

UKSIC says it is important to be there if something goes wrong and to reassure your child that they can confide in you no matter how embarrassed they might feel. "Think about where you're sharing information, who has access to your information and how often you're updating your information online".

"ConnectSafely is excited to once again host the U.S. Safer Internet Day celebration", said ConnectSafely CEO Larry Magid. Most will be hosting activities, sharing resources and information on promoting internet safety and online security practices.

If there's anything you're not happy with, or you're uncomfortable about the behaviour of other people online, report it.



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