The Bachelor: 5 takeaways from season 21, episode 7

The Bachelor: 5 takeaways from season 21, episode 7

She grew up poor (like, lipstick-eating poor, which I for one did not realize was an option) in a small town in Russian Federation, where she lived with her mom. Taylor wanted Nick to know that Corinne lied about her being a bully... and Nick basically told her he didn't care, he just was more into Corinne. So while she's not wrong, she certainly isn't right. She didn't even get the typical teary exit interview. After a weird tracking shot from behind, seemingly meant to briefly convince us that Chris Harrison is Nick - are they grooming him for a homegrown season 22? - our host announces that there won't be a cocktail party after all.

A rumor I started based on the only things we ever learned about Whitney: her career, her age, and the fact she was from Chanhassen, Minnesota. "I like him so much but I want to choke him". Nick responded by kindly escorting her to the limo. And then they were off to St. Thomas. No other details are spilled for that one. Eating lipstick. Faced with prostitution. She eventually left to the United States to live a better life outside of the orphanage she spent about eight years in. "When I was 5, I was crying about going to kindergarten", Nick says, putting things into perspective before dispensing a rose and smooches. "You're not supposed to say goodbye to people like [Danielle L.]". And she's obviously used to getting noticed.

We're not sure how much of the planning for group dates comes from Nick and how much comes from the show's producers, who we can only assume are actual demons deriving some sort of sick, masochistic pleasure with every new demeaning idea they come up with.

There, a game of volleyball sends the women spiraling out of control. He also said he is very interested in Danielle from the start of "The Bachelor", as well as Vanessa - who he said he has a very good chemistry with.

Nick recognizes that his plan for a laid-back day has backfired. However, while he was anxious about Rachel, he realized his feelings for Jasmine weren't there, so she was sent home. Corinne, Danielle M. and Rachel already had roses, and Danielle L. While Raven tries to keep it light, the same can not be said for Jasmine. However, he didn't lead her on.

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Danielle Lombard Vs. Whitney Fransway on 'The Bachelor' 2-On-1 Date

Oh, and Raven gets the date rose.

Corinne, Danielle M., Vanessa, Jasmine, Rachel and Raven were chosen for a group date, sailing with Nick to a beach for some mojitos, beach games and Nick's impersonation of an intoxicated baby dinosaur. They sit, talk, and then make out in the waves. He and Danielle L. hop back in the helicopter and head for the mainland to enjoy dinner together. My money's on Nick picking himself back up after his breakdown of sorts and throwing himself back into the ring of women competing for his love.

Sending home Danielle L., the unanimous No. 1 at the top of our weekly Bae Watch Power Rankings since the very first episode, doesn't really change the outlook of the show; we know that finding love on national television over a few short weeks is pretty much impossible.

Hearing those words and knowing he's not there, Nick breaks the news that no flowers will be distributed. As she tells him she's falling in love with him, Nick looks uneasy, and sweats more than is to be reasonably expected, even in this climate. Before long he's in tears, sharing with them his darkest fears. After all, there's nothing worse than hearing a pair of L-bombs when your heart is telling you no.

Because The A.V. Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we're not writing at length about them, we're experimenting with discussion posts. After her spiel, Nick lets her know that Corinne's bullying claims played little to no part in her having been cut from "The Bachelor" cast and sends her on her way once again.



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