Sickle cell treatment was a huge challenge for the doctors up till now. But recently, the Food and Drug Administration of the US has approved a new drug that can treat sickle cell anemia disease. This is the first time FDA has found the drug in last 20 years. The sickle cell disorder is usually observed in Americans, Africans and among the Latinos people and affects around 100,000 Americans every year.

Prodigy, the famous American rapper passed away after suffering from sickle cell disorder. Initially, doctors used to treat sickle cell disorder patients with the help of bone marrow transplants and gene therapy. But today these treatments have found an easy replacement. The FDA approved the drug named as Endari manufactured by biotech Emmaus Medical Inc. for treating the disease.

Patient suffering from the disease suffer from immense pain. They suffer from the diseases related to blood and lungs. The disease can be genetically transmitted to the baby from his mother. People suffering from the disease need to carry out the treatment of the entire life because till now there was no permanent cure found for the disease.

Sickle cell is a very rare form of the disease in which red blood cells in the body become distorted that cuts off the flow of blood to other vital organs of the body. The disease could prove fatal in patients who are suffering from dehydration, cold or in pregnant women. Though FDA has approved the drug for the treatment of such a rare disease, it would not entirely cure the disease.

Endari consists of an amino acid called as L-glutamine that increase the levels of red blood cells in the sickle cell disease patients. According to the study conducted to approve the drug, patients who received Endari drug treatment showed less severity of the disease as compared to the patients who took an alternative drug. Till now, placebo was the only drug that was available to treat this deadly disease.

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