Scientists from the Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology, France along with the Center National Detudes Spatiales are looking for 24 fit, healthy and non-smoking men, aged between 20 and 45 to take part in the mission of investigating the effects of MicroGravity on their body. They are going to pay $16000 to the Volunteers for lying down flat on their back on the bed for 2 months. The test would be conducted one during the 4 weeks and the second after the bed rest for 2 months.

They have to lie down at least on one shoulder still on the bed. They can move but cannot get up and sit up straight. This experiment is mainly carried out to replicate the gravity conditions on the International Space Station that cites the French news program for 20 minutes. Lying down on bed horizontally for 2 months sounds very easy but in actual it’s not that easy. The participants have to eat, wash and perform all body functions lying on one place itself and have to make use of bed pans as they cannot move out for washroom, according to Dr. Arnaud Beck, the physician who coordinates the study.

Volunteers could face muscular deterioration and decrease in bone density immunity by lying down on the bed for 2 long months. Under such situation, the cardiovascular system is badly impacted. It could not provide the same comfort as before departure or before bed rest, Beck said in a statement. The astronauts staying for a year in the space experience low bone density and puffy face problems. It becomes very difficult for them to walk because their legs are not used to hold their weight. This weightlessness may result in hypotension, lowered blood volume and vertigo. Some of them even face low eyesight issues. After the two months of the survey, volunteers have to readjust themselves again.

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