Humans Life Span can Increase to 150 Years, the New Study Reveals


Have you ever imagined you could have your life beyond 150 years? No? Then start dreaming now itself. Your imagination might someday become a reality. According to the National Institute on Aging, the old humans who are 150 years old are still alive in parts of UK, US, Japan and France. “The results are astonishing and unbelievable”, the researchers say.

A woman in France named Jeanne Louise Calment was alive till the age of 122. Isn’t it surprising? Researchers have found more individuals who crossed 110 and died. These results will allow today’s young individuals to think what would be the reason behind having such a longer life.

Today we are living in a world where the life span of individuals has doubled than the previous, said Tamara Sims, a psychological researcher. The study has given us the idea of the maximum age limit an individual can reach and not the average age where all the individuals can live.

The average life expectancy has been increasing over a years and years. Long back in 1920, it was estimated to be 60 years, later in 1980 it increased to 76 years, now the number has gone up to 82 and no doubt the number will still increase in upcoming years. One of the reason behind having such long-life span is might be because they are working harder in their early stage of life.

Today’s generation work harder to support their families and achieve their goals thinking they will have struggle longer as compared to their ancestors. People in olden days used to have a very short life span. Their idiocy would have been crossed the limit if they would have heard that people in future will live for more than 100 years.

Thinking about your career and future gives you strength to live longer. Individuals who keep themselves engaged in work even after their 60s have a healthy and cheerful life allowing them to live longer. So, if one wants to extend their life span, they need to continue working even after their retirement.