Microsoft removes all game emulators off Xbox from Windows store


    Microsoft, the Washington-based company have started the cleaning up process by making changes to its game emulators.Microsoft removes all game emulators off Xbox from Windows store

    It has made some policy changes on March 29, by allowing the Windows 10 users to manually acquire the latest Windows 10 Creators Edition update.

    The company has also kicked off the game emulators which is seen to be one of the major changes in its policy.

    For instance, the company has removed NESBox, the Universal Emulator developer from the Windows store. They were not informed of the change on prior basis. This indicates that the company has prohibited all game emulators from its store for all platforms. But, the NESBox is working on web browser versions.

    The developers trying to develop the new online multiplayer game by using Xbox Live Creators Program may not be able to do so.

    Microsoft is not the first one to ban game emulators, recently Apple has also banned emulators from its iOS app store. However, Android has not yet taken such steps.

    Other modifications by Microsoft

    The removal of emulators indicates that the devices based on Windows 10 like PCs, mobiles and Xbox cannot download emulators or play games on the new hardware.

    But this move can affect Microsoft because the lack of emulators will provide fewer games and apps on the device. This will force users to move towards Android. Instead of using [email protected] program, the developers may soon launch games to the Windows 10 and Xbox marketplaces by using Xbox Live Creators Program. To use these program developers need to pay about $100.

    The games will be added to the Xbox Live Creators Program easily but the games have to follow the Windows Store rules. The ban is applicable to the apps that use Xbox One and overcomes the bans that company mentioned last year on some game console emulators that were compatible with Xbox.

    Recently, the Microsoft have designed new rules to prohibit UWP apps due to safety issues or discomfort they cause to the users. However, the company is planning to disclose details about Xbox One Scorpio and the games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Star Wars Battlefront 2 will flaunt the 4K ability of the console.