Italians tops the list of being healthiest people in the world


The Global Health Index results, reveals that Italians rank first as the world’s healthiest people, as per the Bloomberg.Italians tops the list of being healthiest people in the world

The key to their longevity lies in their approach to nutrition, as a Mediterranean diet based on pasta, bread, cheese, lean meat and wine helps them in living well into their 80s.

The Italians’ consumes a high quantity of fresh vegetables and fruits. It also contributes to the nation’s robust health and lesser mortality rates. Another magical element found in large proportion in Italian cuisine is the olive oil, which greatly benefits the cardiovascular health.

US has occupied 34th rank on the list due to obesity

The Global Health Index, estimated every year by Bloomberg, analyzed population health across 163 countries. The index bases its ranking on a “health score” that studied the life expectancy at different ages, mortality rates due to accidents or injury and survival contingency at crucial times.

Every country also got penalty points accounted by unhealthy factors like smoking, overweight and obesity and improper childhood nutrition along with environmental conditions like pollution.

The entire calculations resulted in the “health grade.” Italy scored the highest grade of 93.11. The second rank was gained by Iceland with a health grade of 91.21, while third place was occupied by Switzerland with 90.75 points. Singapore and Australia also managed top five positions managing to occupy 90.23 and 89.24 points respectively.

On contrary Slovakia (65.10), Barbados (64.14), Oman (62.89) and Panama (62.39), while Albania had the lowest rank, with 62.01 points.

The United States scored a total of 73.05 points, ranking at number 34. As per the Bloomberg, the country’s “ranking for the generality of overweight people is 67.3 accounting for one of the heaviest nations of the world.” The nation’s health score was also affected by maternal mortality rates, which is decreasing globally but it is increasing in the US.