AT&T’s new DirecTV Now customers get free HBO for a year


AT&T’s DirecTV Now which is the internet TV streaming service went live in November 2016 and was seen as the revolution in TV. The service aimed to allow users to view their favorite shows or sports directly with the help of internet.

DirectTV Now has gained huge popularity and contributed greatly to the overall growth of AT&T. T-Mobile too joined in on the DirecTV Now bandwagon pursuing its tremendous success.

Free HBO for all new customers?

New customers who are planning to sign up the AT&T connection for its DirecTV Now service will receive a one-year free subscription to HBO. The user has to pay $5 per month add-on channel on the streaming network.

Along with HBO we are also reminding users that DIRECTV NOW is the best option for premium content,” said Brad Bentley, EVP - marketing, AT&T Entertainment Group.

Any warnings?

This offer is currently valid only in two packages. But, both these packages are the costliest ones that are mentioned on the company’s website.

New customers will be able to get the free HBO offer on specific conditions. The free HBO offer is applicable only if the customer subscribes to the Go Big or the Gotta Have It bundles, which costs $60 and $70 per month.

The offer is valid only until March 30 and the interested ones can go to AT&T’s website and subscribe for the same.

Is the offer worth?

The free HBO offer will be beneficial for the customers who are interested in the $60 and the $70 bundles. Because, the Go Big and Gotta Have It bundles offer 100 and 120 channels, respectively.

With DirecTV Now, AT&T managed to grab in 200,000 customers in the first few weeks after its launch. With the recent offer, the company may be looking to ignite interest in the streaming service.