Quinn praises Kyle Shanahan for balancing 49ers search, Falcons run

Quinn praises Kyle Shanahan for balancing 49ers search, Falcons run

"I mean, I didn't-we didn't see the first game so. obviously they're a great team or they wouldn't be playing in this game". Sure, his coaching style is cold and ruthless, but it's also incredibly effective. Sometimes a third tight end snuck onto the field. And do you know what the best part of it is?

The Steelers responded with a five-yard touchdown run from DeAngelo Williams which reduced the deficit but Brady found Hogan once again with a clever play-fake that left the Patriots defender in acres of space to make it 17-6. Still, it was more than just interesting to fans at Gillette Stadium that Goodell attended games in Atlanta the last two weekends instead of visiting Foxborough.

But they ended up three games behind the Steelers for a reason, actually multiple reasons, and it's hard to imagine them getting deep into the postseason without those reasons rearing up at some point and causing them to fall short.

But the numbers and jewelry and the raw football data argue more convincingly for Brady than for anyone else - if you're interested in settling rather than prolonging an argument. He has been a legitimate receiving threat all season, so just keep that in mind when the talking heads start spinning their narratives out of nothing.

Of course, to watch the Falcons play offense right now is to wonder why Shanahan would ever want to go anywhere.

The Steelers defense broke in the second half as the Patriots scored 19 unanswered points thanks to the uptempo approach.

Options, that is really the lesson to be learned from the Falcons and Patriots.

What New England and Atlanta both do on offense is dictate to the defense.

However, the Bears shouldn't feel too bad. But we also should note that, like most Patriots teams, there's a lot of turnover on the roster.

Ryan's outing against the Packers was one of the best anyone has had during a Conference Championship bout. If so, I'd love to get your email for an exciting timeshare opportunity which has recently come to my attention.

Oh, and did I mention that he wasn't even at 100% health during the game?

For what it's worth, the worst seats in the house during the Super Bowl are selling for more than the best seats in the house to see Hamilton in NY on the same night.

This has by far been one of Belichick's best years as the Patriots coach when considering they were without their best player in Brady.

But No. 1 would be hugely important for the legacy of Matt Ryan, too.

Ryan is likely to be the MVP, but as is often the case with Super Bowl teams, the Falcons are much more than just him.

"There's no George Toma without the people that I work with, and nobody has very worked for me", Toma said.

Sam Greszes is unlockable by beating the game on Very Hard difficulty without losing a life. Then the arguments remain sprightly and energetic and "my facts v. your facts", and everyone goes home drunk and satisfied that you didn't annoy the hell out of the other patrons.



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