New way to medicate marijuana patients by offering them pot pizza


New way to medicate marijuana patients by offering them pot pizzaMedical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts have created a new option for patients to treat their pain – pot pizza. Someone who has used to marijuana sand their teeth into a slice of pizza and wondered how it would be to combine the two. Ermont Inc., alternative medicine practitioner in Quincy, Massachusetts has been selling cannabis-infused pizza for about three weeks to rave reviews. It has been open since October and mixes all phases of production including a lab, marijuana growing areas, retail space and a kitchen where tasteless liquid cannabinoids are mixed together into ingredients and sauces.

Seth Yaffe, Ermont director of operations said, “A lot of our patients want to basically figure it a different way to medicate that didn’t always remind them of trying to take care of themselves. It makes medicating less scary and less a reminder of what they’re psychologically trying to distance themselves from.”

One of the patients, Wes Francois uttered, “I have experienced that’s the only thing that helps. I want to keep myself away from those painkillers. This is a great substitute for marijuana. It’s amazing how creative they get.” Per piece of 6-inch pizza would cost around $38. The tomato sauce contains 125 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound in marijuana.

“A lot of our top sellers right now are olive oil, honey, peanut butter — things our patients can use to do their own cooking at home. We’re working on a vegan mayonnaise right now that patients will be able to put on a sandwich,” Yaffe further added. The patients who are marijuana addicted call this pizza as game-changer. Ermont treats around 300 to 400 patients on a busy day and offers more traditional products as well. Other traditional products include condiments and ingredients that can be added to a person’s home cooking. “The current top sellers are olive oil, honey, peanut butter,” Yaffe said.