Playing video games could help you to develop perfect graduate attributes


Playing video games could help you to develop perfect graduate attributesDoes playing of video games for long hours the wastage of time? The new study says the answer is no. In spite of wasting your time, you areactually developing ‘graduate attributes’ that would be beneficial for you in higher education. Graduate attributes consist of basic skills such as problem-solving, communication, resourcefulness or adaptability that a graduate and the employed individual should possess. Playing video games improves your communication skills, resourcefulness and makes you more adaptable for your future education and career.

A study was conducted by Matthew Barr, from the University of Glasgow in the UK. Two groups of undergraduate students were made and classified to either intervention or a control group for the period of eight weeks. All the three skills – adaptability, resourcefulness, and communication skills were measured of both groups. The intervention group who were asked to play video games over a period of eight weeks showed developments in communication, adaptability and resourcefulness skills when compared with the control group. Thus, the study findings found that playing video games can improve self-reported graduate skills.

“The findings suggest learning things through gaming play an important role in your higher educational studies”, says Barr. “Modern video games often require players to be more adaptable and resourceful, should be multi-tasking and find multiple ways to achieve their goal. Today, the video games are designed in such a way that involves critical thinking and reflective learning, that are common attributes that a graduate student should acquire”, he further added.

The research was conducted to find out how commercial video games affect adults in gaining certain graduate attributes, testing the suppositions that certain games could really improve the scores of measuring the graduate skills. “The survey we conducted signifies that playing commercial video games can have an optimistic effect on adaptability, communication ability, and resourcefulness in adult learners, suggesting that video games may play an important role in higher education”, Barr concluded.