Kindergartner In Ohio Loses The Leg After Strep Throat, Flu Leads to Dangerous Infection


While recovering after a rare complication from strep throat and flu, a 6-year-old girl from Nordonia, Ohio lost one of her legs. Tessa Puma from Northfield was hospitalized at Akron Children’s Hospital where she was treated for a flesh-eating bacteria infection commonly called as necrotizing fasciitis which immediately spreads into a body. Her left leg was amputated from the knee down. Matt Puma, Tessa’s father said, this infection was detected in March but with no symptoms and doctor said that the infection was caused due to strep throat bacteria. After doing some more tests they confirmed that she had the flu and had some kind of infection, Puma added. After staying for a couple of days in the hospital, the condition of her leg got worse and worse.

In Tessa’s case, the bacteria travelled from the strep or other bacterial infection to her bloodstream and infected the fasciae or membrane surrounding muscles that lead to Necrotizing fasciitis. This infection can attack the tissues in the body causing serious complications or even death. After some time, doctors found that there is no pulse detected in her leg and stated that all of her tissues in the leg were dead.

Matt said that Tessa is getting proper treatment at Akron Children’s Hospital and could be in the hospital for a few months more. She needs a surgery and some additional procedures need to be done for her to survive. After surgery, she would be fitted with a prosthetic leg. The decision of amputation was taken because that can only save her according to the doctors. Tessa is well-known in her school for wearing bows of different colors in her hair. So many of her friends wore bows to show a support to the girl. Her family background is not financially strong, so her friends are also supporting the family to raise money for medical expenses.