The Truth Behind Apple Planning To Render The iPhone 5 Out-Of-date


Apple is tipped to cease support for older versions of their phones, making them completely redundant and likely vulnerable to hacking. The Sun Online believes rumors about the collapse of this much-loved mobile have been greatly distorted. At the end of this year, the tech giant is bent to roll out an operating system which powers iPhone 5, the cheaper iPhone 5c and the 4th generation of iPads although being supported by the iOS 10.3 update Apple released earlier this week.

Some of the analysts have looked into the code of a small update called iOS 10.3.2 beta which was made available after yesterday’s release of iOS 10.3. This move has already been advised by Apple, with users opening 32-bit software in iOS 10.3 being facing a message saying this application might not work with future versions of iOS.

Zeph McLearan, an IT specialist, published a twitter comment claiming that he could insight no mention of any older 32-bit devices in the iOS update only including modern iPhones with 64-bit processors. Apple has not killed support for the previous devices for the first time. This kind of move usually comes with a new leading release of iOS. It is still impossible to install the latest applications or downloads official Apple patches to prevent hackers from capitalizing on security holes.

Apple insider wrote, “Reportedly, it would be a particular move for Apple to draw the line and end 32-bit device support with what is considered to be a minor point update. Such an announcement is more likely to take place at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5, where Apple is expected to brief iOS 11.”